• Celebrating 70 years of dance education!

    • We teach children and adults from every walk of life, and every stage of experience at our state-of-the-art dance studios in Stoney Creek. Some of our students will embrace dance recreationally, while others may choose to dance competitively. What is most important, however, is that each and every student will have an opportunity to dance their own dream. And each dancer's happiness, confidence and contentment with life will grow beyond your expectations.
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    • LLDS is a great place for a child to learn to dance. LLDS teachers and instructors communicate the joy and the love of dance to their students bringing fun in the whole experience.


    • As a mother, I always appreciated the carefulness and consideration that is given to the music and costume choices ,to maintain a wholesome and positive quality to their students dance performances. We would definitely recommend LLDS to any and everybody.

      CP, dance mom since 2001

    • As a little girl I danced at LLDS and loved every new step I was taught. There was never another option when I had my little girl where she would learn to dance. LLDS is part of our family, and the individual attention each dancer is given shapes their mind and body. Thank you LLDS for many years of happy dancing!


    • Our two daughters have enjoyed over 10 years of exceptional dance instruction at LLDS. LLDS provides the perfect atmosphere for an engaging dance experience in addition to an environment that encourages success outside of the dance studio in the areas of education and social development.


    • I am amazed at the organization at LLDS. The care at the front desk through to the classroom is exceptional.

      Cindy T.

    • When my three year old asked to start dancing I had doubts if she was ready. At Lois Laxton Dance Studio she had a great dance experience. She is getting exercise, learning technique, rhythm, discipline and having fun doing it.


    Hello LLDS Families,

    I am very excited to announce Beyond The Barre will be opening in the former LLDS facility in September 2018.

    Miss Leanne has a well established studio, with 25 years of dance education experience. Formerly located in Grimsby, she is now moving her studio location to 515 Arvin Avenue in Stoney Creek. She is delighted and excited to move into our wonderful, spacious studio and is looking forward to inviting all LLDS recreational, competitive, toddlers and adult dancers to join the Beyond The Barre family.

    Miss Leanne’s studio philosophy, teaching styles and overall methodology is very similar to LLDS. Her teaching staff is excellent. Miss Leanne has hired several our former and loved LLDS staff and I expect that you will see many familiar faces. I too, look forward to dropping by to see you and dancers as well.

    I hope that, from time to time, you will fondly recall your friends, teachers and experiences as a dancer throughout your years at the LLDS. I know that I will always remember you, and I will forever treasure the joy that teaching dance has given me, and for which I am so very thankful.

    I have always said that LLDS was family, and I am now waving goodbye as you depart its home to take different paths in dance. I would like to express that this is not the end, but rather the beginning of new experiences for you in dance – whether recreational, competitive, in theatre, at new studios with new teachers or with current teachers, in school and in university. If you continue your love of dance, hear a song and smile, or even tap your toes as an adult, you will keep the LLDS memories alive.

    Please forward any questions to Miss Leanne by email to beyondthebarre@hotmail.com or simply call 905-309-4165 or visit www.beyondthebarredancecompany.com for registration information.

    Always in dance,

    Miss Hutchinson